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Steven Pressfield
Best Selling Author of Gates of Fire and Man at Arms

"Rafa Conda is a throwback. Throughout history, when societies have devolved from their former noble ideals, individual men have arisen to point the way back to more virtuous times and to model, in themselves, the ancient masculine virtues of courage, fidelity, self-sufficiency, comradeship, and caring."


Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Navy SEAL Team 6, Founder of Veterans for Child Rescue

"It Inspires me to see warriors of every kind fight in their own way to hack out a better life for those they defend. Rafa is a warrior whose law enforcement service and leadership in creating a powerful movement of men has been on I'm personally grateful to witness is such precarious times"

George Sorial.jfif

George Sorial
Former EVP, The Trump Organization and Best Selling Author of The Real Deal

"Rafa's Vision in the way he sees the world is unique and his unconventional approach  is undeniably effective. His mission is very clear. To forge men into warriors. To be the best versions of themselves in all facets of their lives. I can testify that his teachings have made a deep impact in my life and have paved the way for thousands of men."

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