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has dedicated his life to the resurgence of the warrior mind. With four decades of martial arts training under his belt, tutelage from Zen masters, experience as a DEA/Narcotics/SWAT officer, and at one point in his life having been an elite Wall Street broker, to call Rafa a modern day warrior is an understatement.

Having cultivated his philosophies of what a modern day warrior should be, Rafa is now spreading his warrior philosophies so that men everywhere can elevate themselves to a place where they can dominate every facet of their lives. This movement is known as the Man of War.

Rafa’s journey started At age 17, after realizing that traditional schooling wasn’t something that aligned with his mindset on life, he dropped out to give all of his time and effort to martial arts and to seeking new competitive environments to thrive in. This led him to secure a position as a stockbroker at the age of 23, where his warrior spirit of competition allowed him to be wildly successful at raising capital and closing high-level clients from around the globe. Over the next decade, Rafa successfully opened his own independent brokerage with nearly one billion dollars under management.

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