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Rafa J Conde 

Rafa J Conde, better know as "The Builder of Warrior of Men" has decided to share his knowledge and start doing speaking engagement opportunities, he will continue to do talks in schools/universities around the globe to inspire young and old people alike. He will also be available to guest start on live/shows and podcasts, to pass on his own personal views and mantra of the Warriors mindset!

If you have not heard of Rafa you're missing out with his daily podcast and host of events such as The Gathering, Men of War Society, Man of War Crucible 

School of Commandos in Peru, Police Academy's, Conclave of Warriors and Entrepreneur Organization to name a few.

He has a raw unfiltered non PC approach, a fascinating persona and a truly uniqe outlook on what it means to be a modern man in todays "soft" world.

If you are interested in having Rafa speak as a guest for your podcast, show, school or university, please feel free to send an email to RAFA@MANOFWAR.US


NOTE: Please understand that space can be limited depending on the event space and a limited number of seats available. 



I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of speaking to a live audience and would relish the opportunity to be a featured speaker at your event!

As a speaker, I am known for my no-nonsense, unvarnished, and unfiltered approach. My presentations are loaded with valuable, interactive, and sometimes provocative content that sparks meaningful conversation. By the time I'm finished, your audience will have gained real-world insights that they can apply to their daily lives to effect positive change.

My areas of expertise are wide-ranging, but some of the topics I'm most passionate about include:

  • Developing a warrior mindset that will enable you to overcome any obstacle and achieve unprecedented levels of mental toughness.

  • Cultivating a winning culture that will attract devoted customers and insulate your business from the competition.

  • Establishing a solid ethical foundation for your business that can be used to scale and grow it to new heights.

Even if your event is not taking place in person, I am available to deliver a keynote address digitally via Zoom.

If you're interested in booking me for your event, simply fill out a Speaking Request Form and I'll be in touch!

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Steven Pressfield
Best Selling Author of Gates of Fire and Man at Arms

"Rafa Conda is a throwback. Throughout history, when societies have devolved from their former noble ideals, individual men have arisen to point the way back to more virtuous times and to model, in themselves, the ancient masculine virtues of courage, fidelity, self-sufficiency, comradeship, and caring."


Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Navy SEAL Team 6, Founder of Veterans for Child Rescue

"It Inspires me to see warriors of every kind fight in their own way to hack out a better life for those they defend. Rafa is a warrior whose law enforcement service and leadership in creating a powerful movement of men has been on I'm personally grateful to witness is such precarious times"

George Sorial.jfif

George Sorial
Former EVP, The Trump Organization and Best Selling Author of The Real Deal

"Rafa's Vision in the way he sees the world is unique and his unconventional approach  is undeniably effective. His mission is very clear. To forge men into warriors. To be the best versions of themselves in all facets of their lives. I can testify that his teachings have made a deep impact in my life and have paved the way for thousands of men."

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